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About Game

To be a person who has played a lot of games, I believe that is an exciting game. I give it 5 stars. In, you will be a limax (in case you do not know how does a Limaxio look like, google it). Your task is to eat as many foods as possible. The foods here are the colorful pellets. Please eat as many as possible so that you will become a giant very soon. Just move the mouse to let the limax eat the foods and avoid enemies. Remember not to click the left mouse if you do not really need it. Just do that in a dangerous situation. When you click the mouse, your limax will speed up and release toxins at the same time, which means you will be smaller. That’s why I ask you to carefully consider before using this feature. Another thing you should also note that do not hit the borders in the game board nor touch the big guys neither if you don’t want to die. There are 7 modes including Moss, Kill, Team, Race, 1US1, Rush and Zomb in this friv 4 game. is an .io game which requires players to have a specific strategy to eat color dots for growth and to avoid being eaten. This game is quite simple like the other io games such as or The fans of this game genre will find it very familiar. As a flash game, Limaxio is worth trying. As I mentioned earlier, is related to the other io games in some aspects. The first one is the gameplay which follows the rule made by the huge guys. The second one is that they are easy and suitable to everyone. The last one is they are all multiplayer games. However, to be the winner of, you need time. But I’m pretty sure you will be satisfied with this fast-paced multiplayer game.

Feel free to play the game now! Have fun!

How to play limax io Game

To play Limax io, you use the mouse. Like many other io games, this one has a very simple control. The players move the mouse to direct the limax to head the dots on a square grid and to avoid your enemies’ traps as well. In case you are in danger, please click the left mouse to speed up and release the toxic to escape. But you will get smaller after each click. Keep that in mind and you will be the very best at playing Have fun!

Video Limaxio walkthrough

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